New Hygiene Bluebook Mini Launched

Date Added 16.08.21

New Hygiene BlueBook Mini launched

Armitage Shanks has published the definitive guide to its hygiene solutions in the first of a series of Blue Book Minis.

From taps and flushplates to WCs and urinals it’s full of information on how Armitage Shanks can help you pick the right products for your projects and offers advice on creating more hygienic washrooms.

COVID-19 has put hygiene at the top of everyone’s agenda. This guide can help with support and advice on the regulations and how to meet them, as well as touch-free taps and flushes, and full solutions for healthcare environments.

Hygiene solutions is the first of a series of Blue Book Minis due to be launched in 2021 – Watch out for more to follow.

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