New Decors available now from Showerwall

Date Added 17.01.22

24 brand new designs have been added to the Showerwall collections, ensuring a stylish alternative to tiles for any bathroom; including delicate marbles & on-trend custom designs

- 14 new HPL designs

- 3 new Acrylic

- 9 new Custom Collection

Introducing our versatile decors, styled to suit any bathroom. The Stylish Alternative to Tiles.


  • COST-EFFECTIVE -Compared to tiles, Showerwall is a fast and hassle-free installation which saves money on installation costs.
  • SEAMLESS FEATURE WALLS - Proclick technology has been engineered to create a mechanical locking system that provides seamless, almost invisible joints. Lightweight with a range of sizes
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Showerwall panels can be cut to size and fixed to the wall or over existing tiles. A lot less mess and a much faster fit than tiles.
  • CLEAN AND CARE - Showerwall has a solid, grout-free surface eliminating hiding places for mould, dirt or germs. A hygienic and wipe-clean solution.
  • WATERPROOF SYSTEM - The system provides a watertight finish that looks stunning and performs impeccably against the rigours of daily life.
  • 15 YEAR GUARANTEE - When installed correctly using the recommended accessories and fitting guide


  • Gloss - A high shine finish creating a smooth, brilliant appearance
  • Matt - A soft to touch flat surface with low light reflectivity
  • Texture - A structured surface that emulates the feel of organic materials
  • Synchro - A unique textured finish that follows the form of real material


  • 100% WATERPROOF - Our acrylic panels are 100% waterproof and have been designed to ensure a watertight finish.
  • GLASS LIKE FINISH - Once the panels have been cut, the edges can be sanded and polished to give a full transparent appearance.
  • MATERIAL - The unique high tech polymer acrylic panels are more scratch resistant compared to other acrylics or glass, giving you peace of mind and longevity.
  • CLEAN AND CARE - Chemical resistant; the grout free surface reduces hiding places for dirt and germs.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Showerwall acrylic is easy to handle, cut and install compared to large sheet of glass. There is also no need to worry about grout or accessories; panels are simply butted together using sealant.
  • 10 YEAR GUARANTEE when installed correctly, using the recommended fittings,
  • Acrylic decors are exclusively available in gloss; A high shine finish creating a smooth, brilliant appearance

Visit our website for more information and to view the different designs.

New decors now available to order and are in stock.

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