Geberit Trends Report 2022 - Shining a Spotlight on the Must Have Interior Trends

Date Added 01.08.22

Geberit Trends Report 2022 - Shining a Spotlight on the Must Have Interior Trends

Geberit has teamed up with the countrys leading experts in interiors and property to publish its latest Trends Report, revealing the key trends predicted for the year ahead.

The last two years have not only bought about exponential change to our lives, but they have also fundamentally influenced what we want, and ultimately need from the masterpiece that is our homes.

As we emerge from this significant period, we embark on a new renaissance and era of discovery and creativity. Our homes have forever reflected who we are, but now more than ever we’re experiencing a real shift towards a more confident and personalised approach to our home interiors.

The bespoke publication offers readers insight, advice, and inspiration from the most influential voices in the industry, including a foreword from Busola Evans, Associate Editor at Livingetc, on the importance of harnessing the home for wellness, how space makes us feel and how it will form an increasingly important aspect of home design in 2022.

Subsequent chapters are penned by Michelle Ogundehin, Lisa Dawson, Grant J Bates and the Little Greene Paint Company and explore the fundamental lifestyle changes and interior trends set to impact next year, spanning everything from sustainability and technology to the rise of ambient wellbeing and the trending hues expected to take us through the year.

Award winning interior and lifestyle writer, blogger, creator and presenter, Lisa Dawson shines a light on the importance of sustainability in planning, and the need to create spaces in the home that reflect our core style now, but also remain relevant and functional in the years to come.

Internationally renowned thought-leader, and former Editor in Chief of ELLE Decoration Michelle Ogundehin, delves into the concept of embedding health-boosting measures into every space, with interiors that actively participate in wellbeing, creating a home that can support you to thrive.

Exploring the concept of ‘hotelisation’ Grant J Bates, Director at Hamptons, explains how, in a post pandemic world, the focus on self-care, hygiene, and flexible space can be achieved in the home using the latest technology, with practicality and convenience in the home now equally as important as interior design.

And finally, Landscape Architect and Creative Director at Little Greene?Paint Company, Ruth Mottershead, looks at embracing individuality in design and how colour confidence and the revival in decorating is key to creating joyful and happy homes.

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