Aqualisa launches new Smart Quartz Collection

Date Added 17.01.22

Now in 2020, Aqualisa has unveiled the new Smart Quartz Collection, its latest, most advanced range of showers that introduces the control and convenience of internet connectivity to the world of showering. With the Smart Quartz Collection, Aqualisa has fully integrated showering as part of the smart home, numbers of which are set to double over the next 3 years in the UK.

Aqualisa designs and manufactures showering products that are renowned for their power, performance and reliability. The company also focuses obsessively on safety, quality, durability and, as you would expect, aesthetics – creating the best looking showers you can buy, with inspiring designs that will complement any bathroom or wet room and allow homemakers to indulge their own sense of style and individuality.

Features like one touch activation, sensor control, pre-set shower programming, LED display screen, water saving technology, and consistently precise water temperatures and flow, remain hallmarks of Aqualisa showers.  Now, the latest introductions take the market into ‘intelligent’ showering to new levels through connectivity acknowledging the increasing use of smart devices in the home.  The bathroom is next in line for smart technology and Aqualisa is the leading innovator of ‘smart’ in this increasingly important room in the house.

Aqualisa has a product proposition for everyone involved in the shower selection process – from the specifier, who is choosing the right shower for new and refurbishment building projects, the installer, who looks for the easiest showers to install with proven reliability and the homeowner, who has an eye on design, safety and performance.  All levels of expectation an Aqualisa shower meets, time and time again, whatever domestic water supplies it uses.  Powerful, reliable and relaxing perfectly describe the Aqualisa user experience whether at the start or end of the day.

The latest innovation that Aqualisa brings to the shower marketplace is full connectivity – the ability to switch the shower on or off remotely using Wi-Fi connection or, uniquely, voice command via Alexa.  With control features that ensure the shower meets every personalised requirement, the Aqualisa App can assess the operational status of the shower and monitor usage.

CEO Colin Sykes believes it’s an exciting time for Aqualisa customers: “The Aqualisa range has every kind of shower you can imagine or want” he says, adding “now the Smart Quartz Collection extends our offer yet again, with cutting edge innovation.  The smart shower has arrived – creating unprecedented personalisation and convenience to showering in homes that are increasingly geared to smart technology. It may have been just a dream until now, but we have made these modern lifestyle aspirations possible for everyone.”

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Aqualisa's Smart Quartz collection is now in stock and available to order.

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